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제목: QRZ.Com License Renewals

작성자: AB6CD
Updated on 02/06/2024

License Renewals

W5YI Licensing Services

Everyone should be aware that VEC services,

apart from initial license testing,

are provided as a concierge or convenience service.

This is because once licensed,

all interaction with the FCC can be done by the licensees


themselves at the FCC site. This includes renewals, a

ddress changes, and name changes, i.e.,

the vast majority of VEC activities.

There really is a lot that you can accomplish

on your own at the FCC website,

and we encourage everyone to go there and

get signed up for a login account.

The purpose of the VEC concierge services was to streamline

the process for those who may have difficulty navigating

the FCC's somewhat complex website. Fortunately,

things have improved a bit over the years,

and now nearly anyone can successfully self-serve at

the FCC website. In many cases, this is faster than using a VEC,

and there is no fee for routine updates.

Only the 10-year license itself exacts a fee at the FCC for amateurs.

You can even get them to send you a paper copy of your

license if you find and check the right box.

Check out the W5YI Licensing Services 

*** W5YI Licensing Now offers

a Complete Renewal for $80 ****
This includes submitting your Renewal,

paying your $35 Application Fee to the FCC,

then mailing you a printed copy of your License.


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