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제목: FBI, FCC, and Law Enforcement recommend Old-School HAM Radio for the Legal Communications

작성자: W6NYU
Updated on 06/21/2022


U.S. Government and Law Enforcement recommend American Citizens to learn Old-School HAM Radio communication for the normal and emergency traffics.

F.B.I. and F.C.C. enforce American Citizens to respect the  professional conducts when they practice HAM Radio communication within their privileges and limitations.

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옛날장비가 EMP 에 강하다고 나오는대목이 흥미롭슴니다,.
TS-520 잘 모셔둬야 겠슴니다,..

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Collins S-Line and R390A radios are still in the active duty until today. Not a lot, but some locations in the U.S.

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