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제목: W6NYU VHF 2M Repeater 146.640Mhz in Los Angeles Basin

작성자: W6NYU
Updated on 06/19/2022

W6NYU VHF 2M Repeater 146.640Mhz (-) PL:167.9

I had a good opportunity to transfer the ownership of VHF 2M repeater frequency and coordination privillege under my FCC HAM Radio license W6NYU in Los Angeles Basin.  I would like to share this privillege with KARA members. In the near future, I plan to install my Motorola Quantar VHF 2M repeater on the Sunset Ridge, Claremont, California to cover the broad Los Angeles Basin.  I attahed a specific repeater coverage map below.   I would like to coordinate a special dinner meeting regarding 2M repeater system in the early August, 2022.  I will post the detail information on KARA Webpage.  

Sunset Ridge Repeater Site Location: Sunset Ridge, Claremont, California

Latitude: 34.187N.    Longitude: -177.701W

Testing Repeater Site with Winsystem Repeater at Sunset Ridge.

Open Repeater: Winsystem Sunset KA6WIN

147.210Mhz , +0.600Mhz,  PL:100.

2M repeater antenna will be installed on the same tower with Winsystem Sunset repeater antenna.  If you can access this repeater from your QTH, that is a good news. Can you leave your Call-Sign and QTH on the opinion message board below?

the best regards,

Dr. James Park/W6NYU



440 Repeater and 2M repeater will cover the most part of LA basin easily!!!

For the repeater map, Red, Yellow and Green are good coverage areas.

Attachment: Sunset_Ridge_Map.jpeg Download


Nyu님 큰일 해내었슴니다,..
카라가 2미터 운영한다니,..기적 임니다..
카라발전에 크게 사용될것을 기대 함니다

선셋릿지 리피터 전경 모습임니다...
리피터 커버지역이....
Site Coverage: This site provides excellent coverage of Pomona, Claremont, Ontario area plus coverage into Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties

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