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제목: W6NYU ARRL School Club Roundup Contest at Royce Hall Quad, UCLA on October 20,2021

작성자: W6NYU
Updated on 09/13/2021

ARRL School Club Roundup Field Day(Only on School Days)

Date: Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Time: 11AM to 5PM(Max 6 Hrs Operation Per Day)

Location: Royce Hall, UCLA

Club Station Call-Sign: W6YRA UCLA Amateur Radio Club.

Radio: Kenwood TS-2000SAT

Antenna: HI-Q HF Submarine Antenna

Operation Band: HF 20M SSB. 14.250-14.280Mhz

Invitation: All KARA Members and Friends.

Requirement: COVID-19 Vaccination Card(Electronic or Paper Proof).

More Information: 


There are two School Club Roundups during each school year in October and February.

Each 5-day event runs Monday through Friday from 1300 UTC Monday through 2359 UTC Friday. A station may operate no more than 6 hours in a 24-hour period, and a maximum of 24 hours of the 107 hour event.

October Session: The third full school week of October.

October Session: October 18-22, 2021



   All amateur bands except 60, 30, 17 and 12 meters are permitted.


Repeaters are not to be used. Only recognized simplex frequencies may be used. U. S. A. examples include 144.90-145.00; 146.49, .55, 58; and 147.42, .45, .48, .51, .54 and .57 MHz. The national calling frequency, 146.52 MHz, may not be used. Similar restrictions apply in other countries.


Suggested HF Frequencies:


Phone (MHz): 1.855-1.865; 3.850-3.880; 7.225-7.255; 14.250-14.280; 21.300-21.330; 28.440-28.460

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